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Welcome - My art creations shown in the galleries below have all either been sold or are otherwise not for sale unless otherwise stated/marked as "available." All Art, Designs, & Images on this website are Protected by Copyright Laws and Copyright © 2002-2009 Jill E. Ryan All Rights Reserved. Do not use my art and/or images without my expressed, written permission. I can be contacted by e-mail.

**Do not link directly to any images in this website. That is bandwidth theft.


Copyright Notice:

Due to events, I must state the following: The art pictures in this website are not free to take, copy, post, alter, modify, or use in any public forum, blog, discussion board, website, or anyway, etc. without my expressed, written permission. They are all Protected by Copyright Laws. You must first e-mail the artist, me, Jill E. Ryan for permission. Any use without my permission is illegal under Copyright Laws. The art images in this website are tracked electronically and action will be taken against any unauthorized use.

While I'm glad that people enjoy my art, I am not happy to find out that there are certain people that have been hotlinking to my art images. Do not link directly to any of my art images in this website. That is bandwidth theft which is also called "hotlinking." Bandwidth theft is illegal. When you link directly to my images, you are using my website bandwidth space that I pay for.

People that enjoy my art are more than welcome to use one of my website art banners which can be found at the very bottom of the "links" section page here.