One of a Kind ( OOAK ) Hand-sculpted Mermaid - Original Fantasy Art Sculpture.

Designed, created, hand-sculpted and entirely handmade by Western New York Artist Jill E. Ryan -


One of a Kind, Hand-sculpted, Original Art Doll Sculpture by Artist Jill E Ryan.

Every sequin "scale" that you see was applied by hand, by me, one by one.

Applying the layered sequins alone took many hours to do.

Her entire tail, including the back and sides, are also covered in sequins.


***Please Note: All of my Art is for Adult Art Collectors for gentle handling & Display Purposes Only,

~ Not a Toy For Children. ~

About This Creation:

From start to finish, this One of a Kind , Original Art Creation has been

entirely designed, sculpted, and created by hand, by award winning, New York area Artist Jill E. Ryan.

She is the only one just like her in the world created by hand.

No molds or patterns of any kind have been used and no castings have been made,

so you are guaranteed to be getting a truly original art creation,

created solely from the hands, heart, spirit, and imagination of the artist.

~ Item Description ~


Original One of a Kind (OOAK ) Mermaid Fantasy Art Doll Sculpture.

Artist's Hand-sculpted Original, Not a reproduction of any kind, Absolutely No Molds Used Guaranteed. From start to finish, all of my art is entirely handmade and from my own original art designs.

**For adult art collectors for display & gentle handling only, not intended for children.


Designed, created, and sculpted entirely by hand without the use of any molds by me, Award Winning, New York Area Artist Jill E. Ryan.


Approximately 5 inches across, 5 inches top to bottom. Please see pictures provided for more information.


Mixed Media, Sequins, Clay, Wire.


Long and wavy, Premium quality, blonde Angora Mohair, applied by hand, lock by lock.


Artist Jill E. Ryan

Honored to be Awarded:



Irridescent colors that give the appearance of changing various colors depending on light source and the angle in which held/ viewed.

Silver trim on tail fin. Tail fin is "embedded" with irridescent stars. Every single sequin that you see was applied by me, entirely by hand, one by one. Applying the sequins alone took several hours to do.

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