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About My Art Creations:

All of my One of a Kind ( OOAK ) art creations that you see shown on my website are all Original Works of Art and are not reproductions or repaints of any kind. Each piece begins with a small ball of clay and my imagination. From start to finish, they are all entirely and 100% handmade by me.

All of my art is always from my own original designs and imagination. I never use molds, commercial patterns or any other shortcuts in any of my art. Any wings or clothing that you see used on my art pieces will have been entirely handmade and sewn by me. Each One of Kind hand-sculpted and created art piece is guaranteed to be an artist's original.


I design, create, hand-sculpt, hand-paint, and complete each art creation, individually and entirely by hand, from my home art studio located in Western New York. I handsign and date each one of my art pieces upon it's completion for authenticity and collectibility.


I put a lot of time, work, and emotion into creating each one of my art pieces. I like to take my time working on each piece to assure that each piece is of the highest quality.The time it takes me to complete an individual art piece varies greatly depending on the size, type, and complexity level involved. Smaller pieces can take anywhere from several days to weeks while larger pieces can take several weeks to months to reach their completion.


I start each one of my art pieces with an idea, feeling or mood, sometimes from one of my art sketches, and then go from there. Creating is always exciting for me because I never know what might be waiting " to be born." Just when I think I know the end result of an art creation, it takes an unexpected turn and suprises me.


Each one of my art pieces is truly special to me, not only because of it's One of a Kind nature, but because I feel that with each creation that I make, a part of my soul and spirit are forever captured within that particular art piece, at that very moment in time. Each piece is truly an original art creation, created solely from the hands, heart, spirit, and imagination of the artist.


E-mail Contact: ArtistJillRyan@yahoo.com

Owner/ Artist/ Designer- www.intotheforest.net - www.JillERyan.com


Disclaimer: Please Note that all of my art creations are strictly for adult art collectors for indoor display purposes and gentle handling only.~ Not Intended as a toy for Children ~ Keep away and out of reach from children and pets.


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