"Blue Poison" Frog Fairy Collection

by Artist Jill E. Ryan

Type: Original Fantasy Art Sculpture

Medium: Hand-sculpted polymer clay, no molds used

Artist: Buffalo, New York Area Artist Jill E. Ryan.

Date: Copyright © 2003 Jill E. Ryan All Rights Reserved

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My Contact Information:

Artist: Jill E. Ryan

E-mail address: artistjillryan@yahoo.com

Official Website: www.intotheforest.net


Copyright Notice:

Blue Poison Frog Fairy Collection, Images, and Art © 2003 Jill E. Ryan

The Art & Images Within are not to be used, copied, posted in blogs, etc., or reproduced in any form

without expressed written permission from the artist Jill E. Ryan by e-mail at ArtistJillRyan@yahoo.com

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